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petpluto replied to your post: after reading the description of INTJ …

I can’t begin to describe how sad that makes me, as an INTJ. #Idontwanttobeaserialkiller

I mean there are other non serial killers like Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton…..or maybe you really shouldn’t fuck with Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton…..

You know, I would do a lot of things before I fucked with either Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton. I would fuck with an actual serial killer before I messed with either of those women.

Because, and I say this with all the respect in the world, I think they would kill me.

INTJs unite! And hopefully not to kill people?

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Aww, I just got to see this the first time this week! It was great! I know I have love triangle fatigue, but I’m enjoying just sort of being along for the ride with this Jack/Kate/Sawyer thing. It probably helps that I know the outcome, vaguely.

Yes, I’m still watching Lost, I just failed at writing about it on a regular basis. I’m up to mid-season 2.

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