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Have been chugging along (seriously - 28,000 words, because I’m a crazy person) on a Veronica Mars fic (or possibly freaking NOVELLA), but my laptop is currently playing the role of a lovely paperweight.

Apparently sometimes Windows 7 does this fun thing where your profile just… gets corrupted,…

28,000 WORDS?!?! *heart eyes*

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10 Must-Watch Roswell Episodes before the 15 Year Reunion:

Going to the ATX Festival? Here’s a list of 10 Roswell episodes you should see before the Roswell reunion at the Festival, as selected by me, phantomrat & couchpotatochips:

1.1 Pilot - No list of must watch eps for any show is usually complete without the pilot, and Roswell is no exception. This episode introduces you to the humans, the aliens, and the show’s mythology.

1.6 285 South - Michael Guerin is the best, Maria DeLuca is also the best, and that’s why you have to see this episode.

1.15 Independence Day - Did I mention that Michael & Maria are the best? Also, Isabel & Max aren’t too shabby, as the gang deals with Michael’s abusive foster parent.

1.21 The White Room - Max gets captured by the FBI Special Unit, David Conrad is a creep.

2.5 The End of the World - Put on Sheryl Crow and cry a lot!

2.7 Wipeout! - The humans have to save the aliens and it’s amazing.

2.14 How the Other Half Lives - All you really need to know is that Kyle and Alex sing “American Pie.” And there’s an ode to Alien.

2.15 Viva Las Vegas - Humans, aliens, and Sin City? What could possibly go wrong?

2.21 The Departure - What happens when the aliens have a chance to return to their home planet? The season 2 finale is maybe the show’s finest hour.

3.18 Graduation - Aww, series finale.

Roswell is available to watch on both Netflix & Amazon Prime!

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fponthedl asked: Just wanted to say hi and that I've been reading I Know That Face all day and I love it! On chapter 8 right now.


Hello right back, faithful Jason Dohring appreciator.

Oh, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the fic. You’re halfway through, so hopefully that continues.

Also, I watched the pilot of “Once Upon a Time,” inspired mostly by you, hollye83, and your abundant reblogging of Captain Hook because…woah. Really quite enjoyable! I get so impatient with stuff like this, though. I just want everyone to know all the things! But, I’m also a sucker for some good angst.


Basically, I’m now confused.

Yayyyy! Enjoy the show!

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The recurring joke from both the pilot and the finale of Veronica Mars—“Who’s your daddy?”—gives the most direct explanation of Veronica Mars’s themes in its first season. From a transgender parent to Jake Kane trying to support Duncan’s lack of ambition to Lianne Mars’ failures to the woman running from the stepfather who raped her, most every episode deals with parenthood in a significant fashion. And it’s done so in a fairly mature and intelligent fashion, rarely resorting to simplistic “parents love their children more than anything” clichés. Veronica Mars shows that love, with Keith and Veronica, but it also shows that parent-child relationships, like everything else, are as complex as the world they inhabit. - Rowan Kaiser

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